Who We Are

SilVR does things differently. We’re not just technicians: we’re collaborative storytellers, full-service problem solvers and workflow connoisseurs.  Yes, we provide sound design and mix for cinematic VR, but we also get our hands dirty recording ambisonics in the field. We spend a lot of time interfacing with and giving feedback to the folks who design the tools that allow filmmakers and creatives to work in the VR space in the first place. We are constantly looking for new and better ways to do what we do. That’s why we end up collaborating with the most passionate and innovative creators and companies in the VR space. That’s why we want to work with you.

What we do

Wireless Ambisonic Recording

Our engineers have crisscrossed the globe capturing ambisonic recordings of pristine environments, raucous events, intimate musical performances, and more. Because of our strong relationships with technical and industry visionaries such as Zaxcom and Core Sound, we have the best sounding and most ergonomic solutions available.

Spatial Sound Design

We bring our Emmy Award-winning experience and artistry from the traditional film world to the realm of 360° Virtual and Augmented Reality projects. Every background, foley, and effect we weave into the sonic landscape is there to help reinforce and direct the story.

In-Headset Live Spatial Mix

The SilVR mix room, a centerpiece of Silver Sound in NYC,  is one of the first facilities set up to allow creatives to choose their own spatial experience during playback and review. This allows for faster, more intuitive feedback and collaboration between filmmaker and engineer.

Delivery to VR Content Platforms

As the AR/VR world develops and grows, so do the number of formats, delivery systems, and devices. SilVR stays on top of all that so creatives can focus on what’s important: the story.

Custom App Design

Sometimes industry standard isn’t enough.  That’s why SilVR offers design of custom VR experiences and playback solutions– you think about what you want and we make it happen.


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